Embedding HTML from embed code

Hi all,
I’m really new to Xojo, but have made, what I think, is significant progress in my project in the past 24 hours since downloading Xojo and I really do like the software.
I am trying to add a dynamically changing analogue clock-face, which I have been able to get from timeanddate.com, into my desktop project. timeanddate.com outputs a bit of HTML code allowing me to embed the clock into any project I wish. I thought HTML viewer would be the most logical choice so I copied the URL from the embed code (which I tested by inputting it into Google Chrome and opening it, before adding to Xojo) and used the HTMLViewer.LoadPage command only to encounter a bug. I then thought HTMLViewer.LoadURL might be more appropriate so I cut off the rest of the HTML and entered purely the URL.

I understand I may have done a multitude of “basic and stupid errors” along my way, but I am very much an amateur in amongst a bunch of very experienced coders. So far, I have been making things work by using the wiki and previous forum topics in order to learn, but for this particular problem, I’m stumped. The wiki may well have the answer I’m needing in it, but I have read over the HTMLViewer documentation quite a few times and am still unable to process the information. Therefore, I’m looking to getting and answer from a human being who might be kind enough to slowly walk me through it.

I’ve supplied the code from timeanddate.com below. I am currently trying to make a program which will run on a kiosk style computer, mainly as a display, therefore inputs from a mouse and keyboard would be undesirable.

Thanks in advance for the help.

<iframe src="http://free.timeanddate.com/clock/i58zywtz/n1343/szw210/szh210/hoc82a5d0/hbw0/hfc000/cf100/hgr0/fiv0/fas16/fac82a5d0/fdi70/mqc82a5d0/mql15/mqw4/mqd94/mhc82a5d0/mhl10/mhw2/mhd94/mmc82a5d0/mml5/hhc82a5d0/hhw6/hmc82a5d0/hmw6/hsc82a5d0/hsw3" frameborder="0" width="210" height="210"></iframe>

is that what you want to do?


Thanks for the reply Axel. I opened up the example that you attached, but it isn’t showing me the image of the clock. It’s just showing me the time as a line of text. I got a similar result using a different bit of code, but I’m still not getting the image of the clock and this is the bit I am stuck on.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to get the blue and black clock to show?

I get this (on Linux)

Hmm… that’s promising. I’m probably going to end up making this project for Linux as well, but at this current moment in time I’m playing around with it on Windows. Do you know of any way of getting it to work on Windows?

in the IDE change HTML1Viewer Renderer to Webkit, maybe it works

I changed the HTMLViewer1 renderer to Webkit and it worked perfectly.

Thanks for your help Axel. Vielen Dank.

And just if it helps anyone here’s how I did it (no need to read if you’re an expert):

In Controls I clicked HTMLViewer1, then I went to Inspector then down at the bottom in the Behaviour section I clicked to drop down for Renderer and changed it to WebKit