Embedded text files(small) in Application


I have several text files on windows directory as the argument of the Shell.
Is there any way to embed these files into my project(application)?

It seems that I can drag the file into the IDE by using ‘CopyFile’, but I think it doesn’t work if there is no real file in the external directory.
I would like to hide these files in the application instead of saving in any external directories.

Can you help me implement this matter?

I would suggest you take the contents of these files & paste them as the value of constants.

Wayne G

In my shell, I use a awk file for parsing a text input.
plink.exe … | c:\sample.awk > sample_loading.txt …

For now, I just keep the *.awk file in the normal directory of the Windows, but I want to hide it from users.
If I make a Constant variable for saving the sample.awk file, can I put the all contents in the shell command by using a String variable like below?

Dim AwkStringSample As String
AwkStringSample = " … awk real contents …"

shellComamnd = “plink.exe … | " + AwkStringSample + " > sample_loading.txt …”

I will try that soon, but I just wanted to check if this approach is what you’re saying.

Should work. Let me know how you get on. You may need to double quote the data though, so if it doesn’t work at first use ReplaceAll(AwkStringSample, chrB(34), ChrB(34) + ChrB(34)).