Embedded images are missing in Win and Linux builds?!

So I’m now building my app (Arbed) with Xojo 2019r3.1 and wonder why I get NOE crashes in various places that only occur in the built app but not in the debugger.

Turns out that the built apps are missing the image files I’ve added to the project, and which should be inside the “… Resources” folder. Oddly, when debugging on Linux, the files do get copied. And the Mac builds include them all just fine, as always.

Bug or feature?

In no way there’s a feature for firing unexpected Null Exceptions, so… Bug.

The question is:

  1. Does it repeat all the time or under certain circumstances you’ve found?
  2. Will Xojo let this bug also be included in any post 2019r3.1 version?

I did a test building an app for Mac, Windows, and Linux using Xojo 2019r3.1/macOS 10.14.6, all images are in their Resources folder.

I hope you find the problem.

This is probably problem of having space in the name of the App.

I reported this long time ago and no fix. And then I always forget the few times I have to build for Linux.

Hmmm or maybe it was the dot…probably dot since I was doing like Registrator 8.2 then the dot messed up with Xojo framework in finding the resources correctly.

I’ve seen previous problems related to things with spaces and utf8 accented chars in names and paths.

I also do remember needing to workaround an app crashing not locating libs, and the way I circumvented it was renaming the Xojo generated “App Accented Name Libs” Folder as “Libs”. It’s insane such kind of bug surviving so many years (I think it was at least 4 years ago) if it is the same bug.

The name of the App is simply “Arbed”. No non-ASCII chars, no space. The weirdest part is that the remote debugger run includes the files, only the Build operation doesn’t. As this doesn’t seem to be a universal problem, I’m working around it now by adding a “copy files” step and let it rest with that.

What if you delete the images in the ide and add them again?

Can you create a completely stripped version with just the case? It would be great to see if we can replicate it as you see.
As you’ve found, there’s “something” wrong with the build for release, and maybe not for debugging.

Hummm… Crazy idea:

Change the application name from Arbed to bedrA just in case something weird have been implemented in Xojo against some know names (I’ve just made a search for Arbed on the Internet and get results not related to computing.

When I have no strong idea (with clues), I start searching strange and crazy ideas. Sometimes I get results.

Did that, for a subset of them. Didn’t help.

Good definition.

Again, can you make a small sample (maybe a copy of the original, stripped out of it’s content, but containing such exact images with exact names could preserve the problem) to show us and Xojo the problem? Or it just affects a complex project?

I can’t reproduce it in a small project, either.

I have a work-around, I don’t need this solved, and I have more important things to work on. So let’s put this to rest.