embed unix command

i just compile a unix command via terminal and i’d like to embed it in my xojo project.
i want to use my unix command via shell command.
i tried putting unix command in resource folder of the app and then recall it from "app.executablefile.parent.parent.child(“Resources”).
but it doesn’t work as i first create a cmd as a new shell then execute it with cmd.execute.

think of embed unix common “ls”. from the bin folder I drag ls command into my project. When I compile the app, the ls command is been copied into Resource Folder inside app/contens. When i create my shell command, i want to call my ls embedded command.
dim sh as new shell
cmd=myunixcommand + variables
sh.execute cmd

how can I refer to myunixcommand?

please help me!

Dim My_Shell As New Shell My_Shell.Execute App.ExecutableFile.Parent.Parent.Child("Resources").Child("UNIX_Command").ShellPath, "Parameters"