Embed other application in window


I have a simple application with one window (not coded in Xojo) and want to embed this window within Xojo (or even better, only the contents of that window).
Is this even possible? I found some thing on HWND in the Windows API, but it’s not getting me far. Any leads or suggestions? The other application is started by the application written in Xojo that wants to embed it, if that makes a difference.

I think it’s possible via HWND in some way, but I have no clue.

Also, if HWND is possible, how would one accomplish this on OSX?

Thank you for ANY suggestions or lead in every way possible.

Embed the window so the user can manipulate the controls, or an image of the window (a screenshot cropped to the window content)?

There was a discussion, a couple weeks ago I think ,about the very same subject. Problem is since it was not posted in the Windows channel (nor is this one BTW), and I cannot find it back. Basically the principle was to make the app window child of the Xojo window.

Sounds like what was discussed in this conversation: Code Conversion (Delphi)

Paul, you are great. This is exactly what I was referring to :slight_smile:

And it’s exactly what I need! Thanks Paul!

For the OSX people, does antone knows how to do this in Cocoa?