Embed local address in WebHTMLViewer and watch it from internet

I have a xojo webapp called “aaa” in which there’s a WebHTMLViewer that shows another xojo webapp called “bbb”.
aaa and bbb are both running as standalone on the same server with ip address as to different port:
aaa is available on
bbb is available on

Using aaa xojo webapp from the local network, everthing works fine and also bbb xojo webapp is showed.

On the customer’s network there’s a rule for access to aaa xojo web from internet; the rule NAT the outside internet requests at publicIP:20000 to the So, aaa xojo web app works correctly but bbb xojo webapp is not showed because when the aaa xojo webapp is used from internet, the bbb webapp’s address called from the aaa’s WebHTMLViewer is not resolvable from DNS.

Is there a way to solve this situation avoiding to create other nat rules?

No. Other than combining aaa and bbb into a single app.