EMailMessage class capable of sending mails to international addresses ?

Is the EMailMessage class capable of sending mails to e-mail addresses using “special” chars ?

For example:
EMailMessage.ToAddress = “”
EMailMessage.ToAddress = “!#$%&’*±/=?^_`{}|” // Valid according .

By the way, my question belongs to the class as available in RS 2012 2.1… not sure if there were recent changes in Xojo.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

i don’t think it supports that. But I expect you can encode your email address before adding it to the email message.

You mean using EncodeQuotedPrintable ?

I just wonder how common such addresses are ? For testing purposes I tried to create one on a VPS I’m using, but it doesn’t accept such chars. Then I tried some freemail providers (Yahoo,, - no chance.

Anyone experienced in this topic ?

There is a newer rfc that describes utf8 support, but there are probably still a lot of systems running built around the older rfcs that would not allow anything beyond basic ascii plus allowed symbols.

I have no idea if the current class supports utf8 for addresses, but if you can find a server that does you could always test it. My guess is that you won’t find many servers that support it yet. RFC 6530

At least EMailMessage accepts UTF-8 and the debugger also shows such e-mail addresses correctly… anyway, I have no server to give this a try.