Email notifications issue with Xojo

My experience goes back to the days of Real Basic (Ancient Xojo), sadly I’ve been receiving mails, offers and notifications from Xojo despite unsubscribing or modifying/updating my preferences on STOP sending them. Tried more than enough times, and still I get offers, things changed from relating Xojo with development, to relating Xojo with annoying spam. So today I will update my preferences no more: I’m creating a spam filter on my servers so I won’t receive anything again that has the word Xojo ever again.

Please check your code or promotion functions, sorry can’t help it now I can’t even see the name.

I am sorry to hear you were having issues unsubscribing. I do not have any emails from you about this issue, but I do see that your email address associated with this account is unsubscribed, it’s possible that you might have another account that is not. We would like to help look into this further so you don’t continue to receive unwanted emails, please write us at

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