Email link in label

how can I display my email address in an label to be a link.
if you click on it the email window opens (in OS X)

You can use ShowURL(“”)
This only works if the user has a default e-mail app defined.

can’t figure out how to use ShowURL.
how can I get the email address in a label text ?

ShowURL("mailto:" + Trim(me.text))

Put it in the labels’ MouseUp event :slight_smile:

You could add MouseEnter and MouseExit events changing the cursor to mimic hyperlink behavior.

sorry, does not work for me.

in the open event of the about window I load the label with the email address,
and use the mouse up event as suggested, does nothing.

I thought that is straight forward to use a link, it should be a tick in the inspector for a label to behave like a link,
but we have to do it the hard way.

Sorry, forgot that you have to Return True from the MouseDown event to make MouseUp work :slight_smile:

In Windows 8 mailto: simply does nothing.

Yes, that works, thanks Albin
but still a strange way to me

Xojo does not provide a link label component like i.e. Delphi does. I think that is what you are referring to. You can create it yourself by simply subclassing a label and adding behavior.