Email Example Subject and From Encodings


I tried the email example to receive some mails and do some processing so far most of the parts are working , but , I get on some of the mails , on the subject and From side I get something like =?utf-8?Q?Fran=C3=A7ois in my case for the From side, it seems that some are detecting the proper encoding and some not, I tried defining encodings for that but no luck . Any idea where to look and where could be the problem here ?

Apparently all this mess happens from the mails sent from Apple mail.


This is perfectly normal and you will have to handle it yourself. Look up encoded words in Wikipedia:

You will need to split up and decode that string using methods like DecodeBase64() or DecodeQuotedPrintable().

The basic issue is that an email should only contain ASCII, so if you need to transmit stuff which is NOT ASCII (such as an image or Chinese), you need to convert it to something that IS ASCII.

Did you try email classes in MBS Plugins?
They can handle Text encoding for you.