Email attachment

I have save a sqlite file bij using “SaveAsDialog”.
Now i like to send a automatically Email with this file as a attachment.
I have used the following code: And send the Mail to my onw adres, but i receive a Email with a empty attachment . What’s is wrong?

Dim dialog As SaveAsDialog Dim file As FolderItem dialog = New saveAsDialog dialog.suggestedFileName=BestandNaam file = dialog.ShowModal Dim DBase As New SQLiteDatabase DBBestand=file ...... MailFile = New EmailAttachment MailFile.LoadFromFile(GetFolderItem(File.ShellPath)) Mail.Attachments.Append(MailFile) MailSocket.Messages.Append(Mail) MailSocket.SendMail

You redacted the code that writes the database file.
It could either be your method of writing the database isn’t working, or something to do with your GetFolderItem of a folderitem’s shellpath mess.

If your only goal is to mail the database, you don’t need to offer a SaveAsDialog. You can just write it to temporary.

I like to write it in some Folder (up to the customer) and send it allso with a Email as a ordering.
I don’t no how to write it to temporary, maybe thas a better way.

Instead of making the FolderItem with a SaveDialog, you would use SpecialFolder.Temporary

It might actually be a better way to do this in your case. Write the database to the temporary, ask the user if/where they would like to save it, and then email it from the temporary folder just in case they cancel instead of saving.

A sample workflow might be

[code]dim TemporaryDatabaseFile as FolderItem = GetTemporaryFolderItem
// Write the database to the TemporaryDatabaseFile
// SaveAsDialog goes here
// Copy TemporaryDatabaseFile to FolderItem returned from SaveAsDialog

dim MailFile as EmailAttachment = new EmailAttachment
MailFile.LoadFromFile(TemporaryDatabaseFile) // this is how it really should be done because you already have a FolderItem, you don’t need to GetFolderItem of a FolderItem ShellPath - that’s asking for trouble where none needs to exist.

// The rest of your mail code

Thanks, i wil try it.