Elastic Window Direct Drop-In Replacement with RubberViews

Hi !

This short message to let you know about version 1.90, just released.

The main innovation is that it provides direct compatibility with Elastic Window, a feature that will be appreciated by all those who have projects built with it.

RubberWindow and RubberContainerControl classes can be used as direct replacement in the Super of Windows and ContainerControls, just like the ElasticWindow and ElasticContainerControl classes.

This works perfectly, for instance, with the Elastic Window demo project, where the RubberWindow drop in class works right away without any modification to the original code. If the project has many windows, it is even possible to rename RubberWindow to avoid having to change every Super.

That class does not simply replace Elastic Window. It brings the whole power of RubberViews in, through a built in RubberViews class that can be called just like :

MsgBox RubberViews.Version

So you can add in minutes exclusive RubberViews features such as KeepRatio, global ignore, or HTMLViewer content resize.

Now you can use RubberViews the way you prefer : as a control dragged over a window, or as Super to that window.

You can download RubberViews Version 1.90 evaluation functional project here : RubberViews 1.90

Michel Bujardet
Match Software

Important note for Encrypted classes owners, or for tests with the evaluation project. Make sure to add MSnameL and MSRubberViewsL As String to App.