Einhugur Plugins

Greetings all,

I’ve purchased the OmegaBundle 2014 which includes the Einhugur plugins, but have encountered a problem straight away.

Using Windows 7 to compile a Windows app…I know I know…

My problem is that when I place the Einhugur plugins in the Xojo plugins folder, it disables my other plugins, those being MBS, Valentina and a custom plugin.
When I remove the Einhugur plugins, my other plugins already mentioned are re-enabled.

Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else has this problem? Does anyone have a solution before I report this to Einhugur?


Did you decrypt the Einhugur files?

Try adding the Einhugur plugins one at a time. I remember putting all of them in the Xojo plugins folder and having issues. I don’t recall which one caused the issue.

you may run in a limit of Windows.
e.g. too many DLLs or so.

So maybe you just install the plugins you need, not all.

Yea what Christian said Windows has DLL limit. So if you fill your plugin folder your gonna have issues. Best practice is to install what you use. (Even if the limitation is only on Windows then its good practice as well to do it on the other platforms).

Xojo’s way to always load all the extensions you own instead of just extensions you want for a given project is really awful and something that maybe was kinda cool at the time when not so many plugins existed for Real Studio / Xojo, but thats not the case nowadays, and Loading everything that exists for Xojo nowadays is just gonna load your memory and resources.

Yes. You can’t use them otherwise.


Update: Added all the Einhugur plugins one by one (except two that I won’t be using) and upon each Xojo restart, all plugins recognised.

I thought I might hit a limit at 64 plugins. MBS was at 59, so after adding the 6th Einhugur plugin I expected an error which didn’t eventuate.

I suppose I should remove the MBS Mac plugin from my MBS folder. Don’t need that one on Windoze.

Still baffled.