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Maybe Björn spends time with family over the weekend?
Please be patient.

Wow, take it easy Frank!
Björn is a very decent developer.
I’m sure that he will send you the serial very soon.
He usually sends the serial with in a couple of hours.
After you have decrypted the plugin, you can use it freely in any application you develop.
For the decryption of the plugin you need The Registrator decoder.

Björn can be contacted at bjorn@einhugur.com . There is no serial number. You will get a serial for the app that does the decryption. AFAIR you can’t compile the plugins in test mode at all.

With that type of attitude I would probably just give you a refund. I personally couldn’t be bothered with ‘customers’ like that.

I just checked and you are told about the potential 3 day wait at the point you transfer to the online store. Bjorn is very re-active and I have never had to wait that long for a serial number.

I personally review all others and either click proceed or not. People sometimes order the wrong items…
And by being late a few hours, you can often not deliver in case of a quick chargeback.

First of all then our Demo’s do not have time limiter and they never expire. They simply post demo messages in Built applications but still work 100%. Which means you can try and design for as long as you want with Demo version but not deploy.

3 day buffer on delivery is for unforeseen cases like, broken net, cat accidents, etc etc. 99% of the customers get their serial number within 9 hours. And as far as I can see you got yours in less than 2 hours (at least counting from the time when Paddle handed over to us the needed confirmation).

I am a customer of Einhugur for many, many years now and NEVER was disapointed by Björn and his support.
Sorry, but Björn does not deserve such an insult! :frowning:

I apologize for my short temper. I am working on a project that should have been completed last week. I have a few hours left to make it work. I am new to xojo. When I purchase xojo registration was instant like it is with just about all software.
When they sent me a notice that I will receive my serial number within 3 days that threw my ability to complete into question. It also gave me a flash back to the 80’s when it took a while to get a serial number.

Anyhow I have the serial number and the decryption process worked perfectly. Now i can put all of my controls back and carry on.

They really should change that 3 day message. It adds a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

Please accept my sincere apology and thanks for the feedback.

Like me. ( Embarrassed ). Christian is very tolerant of old fools. :slight_smile:

First let me say thanks for the very nice time and date plugin.

When I tried to ‘run’ my application from xojo ide. I got an error indicating the the app could not compile and to contact the vendor for a new version. I am not sure why but you might want to look into that. To add further to the frustration I had to shut down my computer and reboot after I removed the demo controls form my project to get the app to run again. I am not sure of why I had these problems but it was scary with a deadline a few hours away.