EditSource in ContainerControl

Hi, is any way how to edit source of WEBContainerControl? I have it in webpage.pagesource.editsource and it works fine, but in ContainerControl.pagesource.editsource that wokrs not. Do you know why? I have javascript chartview and I need to set in source code “<div id=”“ganttChartView”" style="“height: 680px”">…test". Another way is, use webpage as container, because i need it for tab panel and tab panel works only with containers… My xojo version is 2015 release 4

You should look into the WebSDK. It’s in the Extras folder next to the IDE.

Ou, thank you very much! That help me a lot. I created class MyHTMLarea as is in WebSDK and than I inserted it into webcontainer and in Open event I used my HTML code and it works. Again thank you. Problem solved…