Editing data table content

I made a database but now I want to remove/edit the name in the table, when ever I try to remove the name then change it to the correct name I get a near DROP syntax error, why is this? why can’t I edit the table content?

I’m guessing you’re using SQLite as your engine. This engine is severely limited in it’s table maintenance. Essentially what you’re going to need to do is use Select Into to save your data into a temporary table, drop the table, create the table with the new schema, use Select Into to populate the newly recreated table then drop the temp table.

This is NOT a limitation of Xojo, but the underlying engine.

Use the ALTER TABLE […] command.

Hi David

Your solution sounds like the simplest one however being as green as I am I do not know how to go about doing it, could you elaborate? At the moment I’m just going to make a new table but I will want to be able to change things in it at a later stage. Ho and yes I am using SQLite.


ALTER TABLE orig_table_name RENAME TO tmp_table_name;

Nope dose not work with me , still locked (why make things easy when you can make them difficult )