editable WEB listbox

Hi Guys,
is there a way to make a cell / column editable in XOJO for a WEB listbox?

If not is there a “simple” way to “fake it” or Java it?
Reasonably sure there isn’t however best to ask before you re-invent the wheel.


It is possible, but it requires a high level of JavaScript proficiency, and good knowledge of the Web framework.

You best bet is to get the GraffitiWebGrid https://graffitisuite.com/features/web-edition/

I’ve gotten used to dealing this by having the user DoubleClick on a WebListBox row to edit it, and then edit data in a WebDialog that has all the relevant fields of that row, with existing data filled in.

In a variation on the theme, I also use a weblistbox and a detail section. Click on a row and text fields in the detail area are populated with data corresponding to the row (sometimes more data than is shown in the listbox). Save and the program refreshes the weblistbox and clears the detail section.

Hi Guys,

I use the details section method at the moment.

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