Edit existing XojoScript


How do i edit an existing XojoScript from the IDE?? currently, i need to edit the code in Tincta Editor. Tincta Editor is wonderful.

  • Trisha

Just use File->Open to open an existing XojoScript file (.xojo_script) and it will appear in the XojoScript Editor.

Paul: What do you think about a Feature request: IDE scripts show up in the Navigator somewhere, just like BuildScripts do now?
If not, perhaps the IDE Scripts menu could have two options:

  • IDE / Scripts / ScriptName/ Run this script
  • IDE / Scripts / ScriptName/ Edit…

With IDE Scripting available to everyone in Xojo, it ought to receive a bit more love. You suggestions sound interesting to me and are definitely worth creating a Feedback case.

i like the idea of having an option to add /edit or run. Currently only Add and Run

just learn to use XojoScript and IDE Script today to create 2 version of my ACMS Application. Generate both Advanced and Network version by changing a constant, rename the windows and mac application name.

Before today, i have to build twice. once for advanced, change the info to network and then build again.

There’s need to be 2 sections as its possible to have “IDE wide scripts” and “project specific scripts” and that needs to be obvious
It never was great in the old menu set up

IDE script need some check in commands like:
DoCommand “AddEventImplementation” now it shows the select event window and stop the script

Before I could write directly an event source with:

now I have to Call the AddEventImplementation window manually select the myEvent and then run the location/text code.

Also ChangeDeclaration is not more working. It does nothing at all
Try this:
DoCommand “NewSharedMethod”
ChangeDeclaration “mySharedMethod”,“l as integer=-1,t as integer=-1”,"",0,""

No error but you will have only a Untitled shared method