Edit Excel files without Excel using Java

Edit Excel files without Excel using Java.
Any idea how to do, please help.
I’ve seen it done in java, but not how to implement it in xojo.


Editar archivos de Excel, sin excel, utilizando Java
Alguna Idea de como hacerlo, por favor ayuda.
He visto que se hace en java, pero no se como implementarlo en xojo.


Instead of Java, i’d rather use LibXL plugin of Monkeybread Software for this.

Thanks Oliver, interesting.
Have you tried jexcelapi ?, I have seen examples but not how to implement them in xojo.


Gracias Oliver, interesante.
Has probado jexcelapi?, he visto ejemplos pero no se como implementarlos en xojo.


No, i’m using the mentioned Excel Plugin and it works cross platform. Like that I neither need to have Excel installed, nor Java. You can have a web app on a Linux server which directly produces excel files. No Java required. ( for instance)

Thanks Oliver.