EddiesElectronics Incomplete for Web?

Hello guys,

Is there any reason why EddiesElectronics for web is incomplete?

There are still parts that are not implemented? Comparing the Desktop vs Web you don’t have any invoice editing, Invoice adding , just Open invoice and that’s it ;

I see there is an update on the invoice side but once you press the numbers explode so I assume that the code is wrong there, no idea if it was intentional or there is just a typo. While I see exact same code on the update part in Desktop, there it works properly, while on the web each time you press Update it multiplies exponentially the amount, so I guess there is something fishy on the web listbox and the way how data is handled, or maybe CDbl() does not work as expected there. While you say in the docs that you updated the code in the examples to reflect the API 2.0 while CDbl is deprecated but still used in the code I see a String.ToDouble in the Documentation, any reason for not using that ?

TagHasChanged still does not fire on Safari on Catalina for Log while it works ok on Chrome so I assume that still there is a lot to update on .

I was asked multiple times to show and see Web Examples and unfortunately the only “complete” example should be I guess EddiesElectronics but so far Controls look still funny, not to much update on templating except what the fellow developers put on the forum, Chrome Log top Right page looks like the controls are out or alignment and you cannot see the Log Type label, so far nothing loads there comparing with the previous example which had some functionality there , so hoping to see more improvement and more examples, details on the web part but so far still on the “hope” list for me as I cannot recommend this to anyone to dig on.

Hopefully things will change in the near future.

Guess I found the problem

Desktop UpdateInvoiceTotal

// Update InvoiceTotalField
mInvoiceTotal = 0

Var quantity As Integer
Var price As Currency

// Calculate the total by multiplying each price by the quantity
// It is done this way instead of just totaling the subtotals
// so that any changes to the quantity (done while inline editing) are
// caught if the user edits the value and then clicks Update
// with first pressent return or clicking on another cell.
For i As Integer = 0 To InvoiceItemList.RowCount - 1
  price = CDbl(InvoiceItemList.CellValueAt(i, 2))
  quantity = CDbl(InvoiceItemList.CellValueAt(i, 3))
  mInvoiceTotal = mInvoiceTotal + price * quantity
InvoiceTotalField.Text = "$ " + Format(mInvoiceTotal, "#,##0.00")

and Web UpdateInvoiceTotal

Var total As Currency
For i As Integer = 0 To InvoiceItemList.RowCount-1
  total = total + CDbl(InvoiceItemList.CellValueAt(i, 4))

InvoiceTotalField.Text = "$ " + Format(total, "#,##0.00")

And I guess the issue is on UpdateInvoice Method on the database for using that UtilLib.Filter(invoiceTotal, "0123456789.")

Just for others in case they wonder why .

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