eBay small ads

I would like to post a few ads on eBay small ads from my app - anyone did this? Any pointers on how to get started?



If you mean sell your app on eBay through listing, I have tried that in the past. The returns were not very high, but it was Windows software. Maybe it could be higher for Mac.

No, I want to sell some DVDs (actually, quite a few in preparation of moving to New Zealand). Relisting is a cumbersome process, would be much nicer if I could just press a button and voila.

It is not quite as simple but close.

I believe you need a developer API key or something.
Do you want my license for iSale? I’ve never used it, and I think equinux has an easy license transfer system.

Thanks Tim, but it is not eBay but eBay small ads that I’m after.