EasyTCPSocket not working

I’m trying to use EasyTCPSocket to talk to another xojo app (both os x) on the same wifi network. Nothing seems to work, no connection is ever made. I have tried the example projects that use TCPSocket and those do not work either. Do I need to forward the port on the router (I have limited access to the router settings) ? Do I need to turn on Remote Apple Events? Are there any good demos, tutorials out there for doing things like file exchange over TCPSocket or EasyTCPSocket.

Is there a firewall turned on for either computer? If so, you may need to open the corresponding port on the receiving computer.

As for examples, look in the example projects folder next to the IDE.

Can you ping host A from host B and vice-versa?

Before troubleshooting your sockets, I recommend making sure the 2 machines are actually on the same wifi network, and that they can ping each other. Then either turn off or poke holes in the firewalls on each machine.

Then start digging into the error event of the sockets to see what error codes you are getting, and chase those down.

Most likely (assuming your code is sufficient), it’s probably a firewall/port issue. As somebody who has been working with easyTcpSocket every day for the past week now, I can assure you it works. I’m surprised just how well it does, actually. easyTcpSocket, using the serverSocket control, is pretty much the quickest and easiest way to implement communication between two peers that automatically handles packet control itself (error correction, order, etc. due to the TCP protocol standard, and messages are constructed as one long piece as a string… so no monitoring bits of incoming packets yourself to put transmissions together).

Create two apps on the same system (one that sends, one that listens) and connect via ‘localhost’ and a local port. If that works, it’s your firewall/router settings.