Easy way to get an xojo app on the app store

A couple of year ago I got a nbr of app over on the app store using RB Package Maker Studio, but it is no longer available. I want to re do some app with xoyo, I still have the software but not sure if it will work ?

DO you know of an easy way or tutorial to get app ready for the app store or a similar app that can help us newbies get the app ready for the app store ?


App wrapper


App Wrapper is what I use as well, I’d imagine most Xojo developers use it. An alternative is App Prep from http://www.pidog.com.

Thanks guys, is it easy to use for newbies like me ?

It is simple to use, and most of all, Sam Rowlands who created it is a member of this forum, and extremely diligent at helping.

Appwrapper +10 and its very easy.


I have a used app wrapper mini, (awesome simple by the way) but the trouble when Im finished to code sign my app, I followed the app wrapper mini tutorial; When I launch the application loader to load my compiled app on the app store, the application loader will not allow to me select the build that I did with xojo and app wrapper. It looks like the app is looking for a zip file when what I have coming out of app wrapper mini is an app file. I must been doing something wrong or missing a step.

Anybody has an idea ?


Select the .pkg file.

Current version of App Wrapper Mini?

yes I just download it from the app store

It is Version 1.2.2 (152)