Easy video tutorial or webinar download with AllavSoft

Hi all,

I have a little time left now so I like to share with you a very handy video downloader “AllavSoft”.

If you like me and want to download webinars, video tutorials, movies or any other video tutorial, then you will find Allavsoft very handy. You can download from Vimeo, Udemy, YouTube and a lot of other interesting sources with the push of a button.

Especially when you have poor internet connection or sometimes no internet connection at all, this interesting and powerful application can make the difference between viewing your videos or not.

In the rear cases, you cannot use the video URL, then you can still “record” the video in very good quality. Also Allavsoft let you convert video to mp3, mp3, AVI and many other formats.

Depending on the quality of your internet connection Allavsoft can download several videos at the same time. In Botswana I do have very poor internet connection, so I copy the URL’s into the download field and then download them overnight. In that way I can see the webinars and video tutorials without interruption.

You can also record your screen. For example, you want to show something you can with the push of one button, record your screen. For example a video about how you create your form or enter code in Xojo, just push “rec”, resize the recording area rectangle and push “rec”. All your actions are recorded. Afterwards, you can edit the video in your favourite video editing program. Simple like that. This is especially handy when you want to show a solution when fighting tight deadlines or when the customer wants a demonstration.

Their customer support is excellent and swift. Mostly within a few hours, you receive a reply on your questions or your problem is solved.

Allavsoft also has several subscription plans (monthly, yearly and unlimited) for a very affordable price.

If you are like me and sounds interesting to you, just download their trial version and find out for yourself. Allavsoft also receive many excellent 5 star reviews over the internet.

To end my review, I want to point out that I only want to share my opinion with the community here, in the hope that you will find it useful. Especially for people with poor internet connection or those who are on the move without internet this can really make your day.

Wish you a very nice day and all the best.


It‘s still spamming, Chris.

And the open-source ClipGrab is an excellent video downloader app. Or use the VideoDownloadHelper add-on in your browser.

There are also plenty of free solutions to record your screen - on the Mac even the build-in QuickTime Player will do it.

Hi Markus,

I only want to share my experience with others, which may be not so lucky to have a good internet connection. I cannot see why this is spamming, because I do not earn anything with my review.

I also tried a lot of solutions, mostly free but they did not work out for me. Allavsoft does exactly what I want. Is it so strange that I want to share my positive experience? Many people are looking for tutorials on YouTube, however they are no longer easy to download properly.

Myself and most people in Europe and the USA are spoiled by fast internet. However in many other places in the world, internet is very poor and slow. I know how frustrated it can be, spending a lot of money on a course or tutorial and then when you want to watch it, it take ages to show mostly less than a minute and loading again for hours.

I only try to help those people with poor and slow internet. I make such reviews on other forums too and nobody complains. If this is not for you, just ignore this thread. Really, if I want to make a profit, there are other way for me believe me.

Don’t you find it strange, if I had the intention to spam the community, that I am now replying to you? Also it is not a competing product, so there are no forum rules broken in my opinion.

We had many disagreements in the past, during we never lost respect for each other. If in your opinion, this message is spam, I have to respect that. I only hope I receive the same respect for my point of view. Like you, I try to help people not to frustrate them.

Have a nice day.


I don’t know if this is spam or not, but I’ve been a user of that program for a couple of months now and I’m quite happy with it (it’s an ugly Mac application, but it works)…

I wasn’t aware of the screen recording feature though, thanks for pointing that out… :slight_smile: