Easy change for Xojo logo

Who thinks the Xojo logo would look much nicer if they changed the logo to be the same if it where the same as Xojo’s website logo. I prefer it because it looks much cleaner and more flat. Which not only looks better (in my opinion) but is more modern looking. As standard of logos is getting to look more flat. Compare Google, new logo with old. Old Photoshop logo with new. Old Blender logo with new. Old uTorrent with new uTorrent logo. Old Google Chrome logo, with new one. Vegas Pro. It looks cleaner it is a new standard of logos as everybody is over the advanced rendering systems we have today. I am not sure about Cinema 4D but there logo but they are the company wanting you to use there rendering systems.

Thanks for anyone’s input on this

After looking at both, I think you’re right. The website icon is better.

I think the Xojo logo and Xbox look too similar

I didn’t notice until just now that the logo is the four green scallops. The “X” is evidently a figure ground illusion since they appear to be making it transparent (equivalent to whatever background it’s used against). This is most evident on the xdc page where you can see both examples.

It’s is not too similar. I can easily tell the difference and I only just noticed the similarities anyway.

This is precisely why the dock icon is a sort of “capsule” icon. Before my departure, we used a dock icon that was pretty much as Oliver described. It didn’t really work.