DynaPDFTableMBS And stroked text

In another post I was wondering how to get a letter in a PDF document, with a thin stroked outline.
having worked that out, I am now struggling to get that effect in a DynaPDFTableMBS

I can set the font and the text color of text in a cell, but I cannot make the letters stroked in the same was as they are outside of a table.
Is there an undocumented feature to set that?
Or perhaps a callback event that occurs just before the text is put in?

You could make a feature request for some additional methods.
Or figure out the position and draw it yourself.

Current workaround seems to be to set the strokewidth and style before the DrawTable call, and reset it afterwards.

Every character gets a black outline.
Black characters look the same as long as the stroke width is small.
Colored characters get the outline I want.

That will do for now.