DynaPDFMBS.SetFont Unbearably Slow?

Has anyone else had issues with DynaPDFMBS.SetFont?

In testing, this single action takes three seconds (at least) the first time around. Subsequently, not a problem. It’s almost like DynaPDFMBS is loading all the fonts on my system to do this. The font I’m setting is “Arial” so it’s definitely not bailing once it finds the font. I realize I have a lot of fonts installed, but this time isn’t really acceptable. If I send the same report to the Graphics object and use the system Print to PDF, it’s instant.

Does anyone have workarounds that speed this up?
Christian, is this slowdown in the DynaPDF library? How would I go about getting this fixed?

How many fonts do you have?
It reads in the fonts directories to know all the font names, but that usually takes only a few milliseconds.