DynaPDFMBS RenderPagePicture

I have had this issue for years, but in a new app it has become a critical problem.

After generating a single page PDF , I call pdf.RenderPagePicture(1) or any variation of the parameters such as size and scale.

Some of the text does not appear.
Some does.
All use the same font, the missing text is larger than the visible text. (e.g a Title)

But the actual PDF when saved to disc, shows all the text correctly.
Why would the page render omit some aspects of the page?

Well, sounds like a bug, so details may be interesting.
Using latest DynaPDF version from us?

Does it work when using RenderPageToImage to make a JPEG?

Ive been trying to narrow it down to a small example
I tried switching the order in which letters are drawn.
In the process, I note that I have a mixture of PDF.Writetext and dynapdfgraphics calls.
Text works after the dynapdfgraphics calls.

And it appears that I need to use all dynapdfgraphics ,
to explicity issue

call pdf.SetFillColor(&c000000)
before the first call to .writetext

So the PDF is either initialising with FillColor set to White, or Transparent

@Christian_Schmitz so it is a bug, but arguably a minor one.

If the RenderPageToImage routine sets the fillcolor to black before it begins to process the PDF instructions, it will match the way that the actual PDF file is generated.
dynapdfgraphics must be doing that already

Well, sounds like a good idea to set color before writing text.
Of course, if you can send me an example, I can check that in the next days.
I suspect the combination/order of commands makes the difference.