DynapdfMBS, Is it posible to create a Page with variable Height in a PDF?

I want to create a PDF to be printed on a POS Receipt Printer using a thermal roll Paper width 80mm. The problem is that I dont know what the Page Height will be untill all the items are added, so, Im using SetPageCoords pdf.kpcTopDown, but If either i dont set the Page Height or set any size, when I change the Height at the end, before the EndPage, the size is ok, but the contents move.

Any idea on how to resize the page keeping the contents in the correct place? O what it is the correct way to do this?

The native coordinate system is bottom up and when you resize the page, you add space on top.

So please calculate in advance how height the page becomes.

Not the ideal, but, I had to make a really tall first page, populate it to calc the height of the last item, add a second page, set the calculated height and populate it all over again, then delete the first page.