DynaPDFMBS Errors

Although calls such as DynaPDFMBS.CreateNewPDF (folderitem) return true or false, and I check the return value, sometimes I hear of exceptions generated internally to the plugins which I wasn’t expecting or trapping, and messages from DynaPDF appear on screen that I have no control over.

Eg 6: CreateNewPDF: Cannot open file!

Despite the fact that before the call I have checked that the file is not nil and that the path is valid.
If I have to wrap every PDF call in a try-catch, I’ll have more tries and catches than I have code!

Can these messages be turned off or disabled?
And is there a list of what else to check for in response to messages like that?

Check the error event in your subclass.

And you can pass nil to CreateNewPDF to start an in memory PDF and later open output or get as string buffer.