DynaPDF: Saving In Memory PDF to DB

@Christian_Schmitz or anyone else…

I want to do something very simple, but the DynaPDF Docs are massive and none of the samples are titled in way to help me find some example code for this.

I have a DynaPDF object in memory… and want to save the PDF to a database without having to write a file out disk and reading it back in (which I know how to do).

I’m sure there has to be a way to output data to a string or memoryblock, but I can’t find it!


I’ve never used it, but GetBufferMemory returns a memoryblock. Maybe look at that? This example has it in use (according to his doc page).

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Thanks! I think you put me on the right track.

It looks like after I end editing I would call:

Dim Data as String
If PDF.CloseFile() Then
   Data = PDF.GetBuffer
End if

I’ll try it tomorrow


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Sounds like you missed a little detail from the examples.
But thanks to @Bill_Gookin for helping quickly.

Let me know if you have more questions.