DynaPDF plugin: How add a named spot color?

Is there an example, how can I do this? I want make pdf files for mimaki LFP with print and cut. For cut it needs a path in the named color “CutContour”. Thanks for hints …

  1. Call CreateSeparationCS to create a separation colour space
  2. Call SetExtColorSpace or (SetExtFillColorSpace / SetExtStrokeColorSpace) to set the separation colour space
  3. Set the fill / stroke colour to a gray value
  4. Draw
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hmm … I think, I have not completely understand. this is my code:

dim cc as integer = pdfbuf.CreateSeparationCS(“CutContour”, pdfbuf.kcsDeviceCMYK,-1, pdfbuf.CMYK(0,100,0,0))
call pdfbuf.SetExtStrokeColorSpace(cc)
call pdfbuf.SetStrokeColor(cc)
call pdfbuf.Rectangle 10,10,width-20,height-20,pdfbuf.kfmStroke

but its nothing to see. Other elements before this lines (text and rectangles) are visible in the pdf. Can you reform this code part please? It ist standing as the last before “call pdfbuf.closefile”

SetStrokeColor needs to be called with the colour intensity.

If you want to use an integer 0 - 255 call SetStrokeColor(myintvalue)
If you want to use a double 0.0 - 1.0 call SetStrokeColor(Array(mydoublevalue))

I must admit I cannot remember if the separation intensity value needs to be inverted compared to a normal grayscale value so maybe try different values.

NOTE. If you are on a Mac, don’t rely on the macOS Preview app to show you an accurate preview. Use Acrobat.

You did look for example projects with those functions inside?

See this example projects in DynaPDF examples folder:

  • separation color
  • Create PDF with DeviceN Colorspace 2
  • Create PDF with DeviceN Colorspace 3
  • Create PDF with DeviceN Colorspace 4