DynaPDF Formatting Tags for Bold and Italic?

Does anyone know what the DynaPDF Formatting Tags are for Bold and Italic?

I found several in the ‘dynapdf_help.pdf’ docs around page 731, but not bold and italic.

Here’s what I could find in the docs:

[code]\le# // Left aligned text
\re# // Right aligned text
\ce# // Centred text
\ju# // Justified text

\ul# // underline
\st# // strikeout
\us# // underline + strikeout

p# // new page
\TL[int] // tab length
\LD[float] // leading
\CS[float] // char spacing
\TR[float] // text rise
\TS[float] // text scaling

\FS[float] // font size
\FC[UI32] // font color
\FT[int or char*] // font handle or PostScript name
\BM[char*] // add a bookmark
\LI[float, int, float] // list, see description at the next page
\EL# // end list[/code]

Christian just told me you have to change the font and I was able to test it successfully with the following. In the Font Table you can see font f0 and f1 defined where f0 is the norm. To invoke bold, you just change fonts using \f1 or f0

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil Arial;}{\f1\fnil Arial Bold;}}{\colortbl\red0\green0\blue0;}\f0\fs20 \f1 bold\f0 plain \f1 bold\f0 plain \f1 bold\f0 plain \f1 bold\f0 plain\par }

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