Dynamically-loaded WebListbox display problem

WebListbox loaded on-the-fly does not display initially until browser resized. Tried adding rows in Shown and Opening events, as well as several other places. Any way around this?

By dynamically-loaded do you mean using WebDataSource? I haven’t seen this behavior.

Update: The more I read your post, the less I think you mean WebDataSource. However, I’m left wondering: what do you mean?

Do you have an example project that shows the issue?

Not using WebDataSource. Simply adding rows (database source). It’s part of a sizeable piece, so I’ll put together and example shortly. Thanks.

In 2020R1, I am using weblistbox.addrow in a loop with info from database and it works as expected. I always call weblistbox.RemoveAllRows before I start the loop. It is done in my container control shown event.

The problem seems to occur only when the WebListbox is place within a container control or a panel control. I’m tied up but will send along an example ASAP.

Here’s a sample app that demonstrates that:

  1. The problem occurs when the WebListbox is contained in another control but does not otherwise arise.
  2. Display of items fails no matter when in the start-up cycle it’s called.

See what you think. Thanks.