Dynamically changing the focus ring

The LR indicates that UseFocusRing can be set in the Open event of a TextField. But I’m trying this and it’s not working. I have UseFocusRing set to off in the control inspector, but set it to true in the Open event. The focus ring will not activate when the field gets focus.

Am I missing something or is this a bug in the LR.

Do you mean a TextField or a TextArea? If you meant a TextArea: Mac OS X doesn’t place a focus ring around a TextArea (called NSTextView). If you meant TextField: I haven’t seen this problem with my application.

Definitely a TextField. I am aware of the TextArea limitation. So, if you can toggle the focus ring usage in your app, then I’m doing something wrong. Now, to find it…


Is this happening with a subclass of TextField you’ve created?

No. Just a vanilla TextField. I have created a simple project to demo the issue if this is a bug.

In the meantime I quickly created a new project, added a TextField to the window, set UseFocusRing in the IDE to false, created its Open() event and added this code:

Me.UseFocusRing = True

Works perfectly.

Strange. I’m not seeing this. I do see that the property is being changed to have the focus ring on, but when I click into the field nothing happens - no focus ring.

Wait a minute… I was building in Carbon. In Cocoa it works properly! Isn’t that a switch. I’m used to Cocoa being the problem child!

Thanks for pushing me along.