Dynamically changing container Controls

Hi there…

I have a web page and I have my homepage where I access Embedded webcontainers by turning them visible or invisible.
I was able to do that by creating a property for each one, turning visible=false and embedding it into the main web page.
By accessing buttons on these pages, I can get it to trigger a method in the homepage to turn the visibility off for all the containers and then turn visible the container I want. This works quite well as I don’t need to reload a new homepage and it’s very quick!

However, I wanted to dynamically change some text heading in one of the containers. I tried to do this from the method on the home page but I can’t seem to access it. Because I am not using a close command of the webcontainer properties or a show command, it’s not updating.

Any advice on how to change the label text of a webcontainer from the homepage?

myWebPage.myContainerName.myLabelHeading.Text = "Some new text"