Dynamically adding controls to a window

I am trying to add a container control to a window dynamically, and for what ever reason this is tripping me up.

Dim objMyContainer As New ContainerControlPhoto
objMyContainer.lblCaption.Text = “TEST”
objMyContainer.EmbedWithin(self, 10, 10, 25, 25)

I would assume that the above code would add the container to the window, but it does not appear. If i debug this process I can see that in fact the container control was created properly, it just doesn’t show on the window. The container contains a canvas object and a label.

The end goal of this is to drag and drop photos and have them appear within the window.

What am I missing here? Any input would be much appreciated.


Never mind. This actually worked just fine. I was just not positioning the container in a viewable area on the window.