Dynamic iOSTable RowHeight


Is it possible to vary the height of a rows in a Table? - ie., different row heights in the same iostable, custom cell or otherwise.



Hi Chris,

Yes it is possible as seen here:

You must set the maximum Row height before loading any cell in the Table.

Without using declares, only Custom Cells can have a specified row height.

Thanks very much for the reply Jrmie - I can’t find any reference to MaximumRowHeight or SetMaximumRowHeight only EstimatedRowHeight. Would you have an example project by any chance? :slight_smile:

Thanks again


Sorry after reading my message it isn’t very clear.

You must first determine the maximum row height you will be using in your table.

For example if you have 3 custom cells:
Custom1 height: 120px
Custom2 height: 50px
Custom3 height: 60px

you must set: Table.EstimatedRowHeight = 120

Bingo! Thanks very much Jrmie. That worked.

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