Dynamic Declare issue

OK, I’m in a big time crunch and I’ve hit a wall due to issue where two DLLs with the same function name get mixed up in declares. I need to have both referenced at once to resolve my issue. I’ve mostly solved this with the MBS Dynamic Declares but one function is not working as I expect. I’m sure it’s something trivial but I can’t figure it out.

<rant>Between this issue, not not being able to handle some call backs from DLLs (known limitation), and 3rd party plugins preventing iOS apps from being submitted to Test Flight, this has been a really tough week, but I’m still hoping to end it on a high note</rant>… please help!

From the DLL’s header:

typedef const char* _stdcall _Execute( const char* cmdString );

I can call it (successfully) with a Xojo declare like this:

Soft Declare Function Execute Lib theLib (cmd As cstring) As cstring
Return Execute64(theCommand)

Can anyone tell me how to structure that function using the MBS dynamic declare plugin?
I’ve tried all the things I believe to be obvious and I’m getting an illegal cast thrown.


Show what you had?

it’s stdcall!

Do you use “_s(Z)Z” as signature?

I used (Z)Z but solved it by setting the parameter with the setter ahead of invoke rather than during the invoke command.