Dynamic Control Problems

One Two problems with dynamic controls I’m tracking right now that I don’t believe were problems late in the betas (b20-ish):

1. I have a dynamic control (a WebLabel) called “segmentLabel”. The “AddsegmentLabel” syntax works well on all targets except mobile Webkit (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android). On those, I end up with a downstream JavaScript error. This is a regression from 2012r2.1.

2. Same dynamic control (a WebLabel) called “segmentLabel”. The “new segmentLabel” does not seem to create a new control in the DOM on any browser target, although one seems to be created server side. This does not appear to have worked correctly in 2012r2.1 either.

Are there bug reports for these anyone is aware of?

(I jumped the gun on the Webkit issue. Something has changed in Xojo, but it’s in how I’m hacking around slow responsiveness to touches in WebKit. -Brad)

Not that I’m aware of.

(1) was me getting caught in the RS --> Xojo namespace cleanup. I’ll get a bug in for (2) and for the underlying issue that has me dinking around with labels in mobile WebKit. They’re very unresponsive to touch events, have been for awhile.

That’s a known bug. WebLabels have an extra

tag around them that causes this issue on iOS.