Dynamic Constants, "default" value & Export Localizable Values

Have anyone else run into this issue?
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[quote]“When using Lingua to translate dynamic constants, sometimes the person doing the translation finds a syntax error in the default value of a dynamic constant.
It would be nice to be able to fix that error with Lingua and then reimport it back, since that’s the value that will be used as a default language.”[/quote]

Norman wrote a potential workaround for this on Feedback but I can’t get that workaround to “work”.

[quote]“In your constants do not use the “default” field.
Instead add an instance with Any platform Default language with the value you would have put in the default field.
When this is exported to Lingua you will be able to edit it and reimport it.”[/quote]

If I create a dynamic constant NOT using the default value field and instead create a new instance with “Any platform” and Default language. The problem I see here is that I can’t select and export the “default” language to be able to edit it in Lingua.

Any tips? This does make it harder to correct my “default language” spelling mistakes for someone else using Lingua.

Select a specific language - export that language
We typically add “English” for all our dynamic constant instances