Dynamic app-icon in iOS

When I look at the Clock app’s icon on my homescreen I noticed that the arms of the clock actually move.
Is there a way in Xojo to do that? Not that I need heavily animated icons, though that would be cool for certain people :wink:

It would be handy to make the app’s icon display the state of the app. For instance, if I make an app that can be dealing with a certain task, like tracking my GPS location, it would be nice to change the appearance of the app icon. Say, green for running, yellow for idle or pause, and red for stopped… or something like that.

I purchased a parking app, where I just have to confirm my parking zone and hit start. Additionally I can enter a “stop parking” time. For apps like that it would be useful, since that app doesn’t need to be active.

Hi Edwin, this isn’t possible in iOS (it’s not a Xojo limitation but an Apple one). Since apple writes its own clock and calendar apps it is able to do custom things to make this possible but for any app going through the App Store this can’t be done.

I guess it means a feature request addressed to Apple, I guess…

Fortunately, Apple folks are great listeners

Dim SarcasticMode as Boolean = False :wink:

Only possible with Jailbreaking… nope… not going there

Pretty cool though…

But that’s exactly the problem, to do so the system would have to be running something from that app to know how to update the icon. Now imagine all of your homescreen apps constantly updating their icons. Now imagine some of them being written by totally incompetent people who do excessive calculations to do so. Battery life would disappear.

We’re not likely to see Apple allowing this.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the only reason the clock and calendar are updated is because the OS needs the date & time elsewhere already