Dyna PDF

I am evaluating DynaPDF and need to set some text in a certain spot. I do it like this:

call pdf.WriteText x, 80.0, Summary

Summary is just some really long multiple sentence stuff I pass in. Is there a way to make this wrappable? I know I can use Call pdf.WriteFText and set it to left align and that makes it wrappable but it does not give me the option to set the y position.

Ive looked in the docs but its so massive.


I don’t have this plugin, but it looks like WriteFTextEx takes an x and a y.

No it doesnt. Thats why I was asking.

From this page:

It seems to me that PosX and PosY would be the text position, doesn’t it?

yes your right, I didnt read your answer the first time. Thanks

Maybe you look on the Text Formatting sample? It shows how to make it use three columns on a page.