Duplicating elements between webpages


Duplicating a webpage does not copy any element from the original webpage under Windows 8 (XoJo Windows version 2013R2).

When I copy manually elements from one webpage to another not all elements are copied and those who are copied have some of them empty names.

Anyone experienced same issues?

Greetzzz Gerrit

Does it work as you expect under 2013r1? If so, it sounds similar to a regression on this (private) fixed bug:


I’ve asked for that case to be reopened.

I made this feedback report <https://xojo.com/issue/28217> when 2013r2 came out as it was working just fine 2013r1.

I reported this back at the first beta of R2, but unfortunately it was one of those that got overlooked during the beta period. It now says that it’s been fixed, so it should work correctly once R3 comes out. This is <https://xojo.com/issue/27718>, but it’s not public because it was first reported during beta. Xojo needs to have some easy mechanism to move all non-private beta feedback cases to public once a release has shipped. Otherwise we will continue to get these kinds of duplicates.

@Jay Madren
Easier said than done. We’ve found that sometimes the person assumed that their text was private because the case was, and so there’s non public code in their messages. We’re going through them, but it must be done manually, and its taking time.

I’m not talking about private cases, just beta ones (I said “all non-private beta feedback cases”). I don’t consider a case that I submit as a beta case to be private, especially since it clearly says that it’s viewable by Alpha and Beta testers.

But just to make sure, you could add a notice in Feedback when someone is creating a beta case informing them that the case may become public when the next release ships, and to add any confidential items as private attachments that will remain private after the case itself is made public.