Duplicated DLLs

I have a suite of four programs which will be installed together in the same directory. When each program is compiled, a Libs directory is produced: for Prog1.exe there’s a folder called Prog1 Libs, and so on. Each Libs folder contains the same DLLs – same name, same size, only different dates and times, matching the dates and times on which each program was compiled. Other than that, the DLLs seem to be identical. Is there any way in which I can use only one copy of each DLL that can be accessed by all programs instead of having four identical copies of each? I’ve tried putting the DLLs in the Windows32 directory but this doesn’t work.

This with REAL Studio 2010 r4 on Windows 7.

put all apps in same folder and put all DLLs of the apps into one folder called “Libs”.

That may not work on such an old version, but it’s worth a try.

It worked! Thank you.