Duplicate Teams

I am still on the Merry Go Round with this one. and can no longer build for development or store. (but was fine until my dev certificate expired)

I am not sure if it the same problem or part of the solution

Some how I have ended up with 2 Teams, what would I have done to cause this?

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 11.23.42 am

Ok promise this is the last I’ll ask on this until next year as I have Apps building on both machines again :slight_smile:

Why did I have to choose User(Distribution) instead of User(IOS Distribution) to get it to build for the App Store?

I think I recently heard that there is no such thing as purely ‘iOS’ distribution any longer.
Like some other companies we could name, I REALLY wish they wouldn’t **** about with stuff.

In this instance, my guess is that newer ARM Macs can run iOS apps, and so they further push the iOS/MacOS merge.

Thanks Jeff I think you are right but it doesn’t help that isn’t documented when you go back over the Xojo docs. I downloaded a few of my IOS Apps from the store and they all run on my new iMac. As you said the lines have blurred/merged.

There’s really no way for Xojo to keep up with Apple’s changes unless they were actively developing an iOS app that needed to be updated every month.

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I compiled an update for an iOS app yesterday, and to my astonishment, the only thing that Apple moaned about this time was a ‘missing’ icon.
Since the last update was 5 months ago, using the same icon set, this was a surprise in itself, but not so big as being able to submit for review and see it updated in the app store within 4 hours.
I need a lie down… this will never happen again…