duplicate files on save

Hi folks. Back again with another issue. I have an app for editing certain filetypes, and one of them has a bizarre quirk. The file saves fine after editing, but rather than overwrite the original file on save, a duplicate is created with the exact same filename. I didn’t think that was even possible. The code must be fine, as it’s virtually straight from the docs, and it does save the file. I can’t see it being a permissions issue, since the ownership and group belong to me. If anyone can help me with this, I’d really appreciate it.

[code]dim cpfile as string
cpfile = app.opath+app.fname // references to the save path and filename

Dim t As TextOutputStream
Dim f1 As FolderItem
f1 = GetFolderItem(cpfile)
t = TextOutputStream.Create(f1)
Stumped again. :wink:

Path problem. For some reason, the app won’t use the path provided by the property app.opath even though it’s valid and accessible. Thankfully, I have the full path & filename shown in a label, so I can access it using that. Not the most elegant, but I takes what I can gets. :wink:

If you are on Linux, filemames are case sensitive.

I know. I always name things in lower case so I don’t step on my own toes. I’m telling you, I had to look carefully a few times before I was sure. Both files had identical filenames. The only difference I could see was the timestamp. It’s impossible, I know, but there it was. If it ever happens again I’m taking a screenshot.

It would be better to open a terminal and do

ls -al

On the directory. It might reveal the actual issue.

Now why didn’t I think of that?