DuckDB; Windows 10; Xojo 2021r3.1; MBS 22.0;

When I try to open a database with given file name that does not work.

Error is: “Failed to open database.”

The example in MBS folder is for in memory database which also works with my program.

Also, I checked the simple given empty text database with CLI: PRAGMA database_list;
No problem, got result. Path ok.

Any idea? Do I have to activate the plugin somehow?

For the “show me code enthusiasts”:
me.DBabc = new DuckDatabaseMBS("d:\db\duckdb\")

As I said, file was created as text file like for SQLite3.

Thanks a lot for any idea what I should check!


Must be created by DuckDB (new DuckDatabase("...")); simply creating a text file does not work…

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Let me know what you do with it beside playing.

I may update the library, but those updates break the format, so you would have to export and then import again.