dtPlugins not available anymore?

Just wanted to download the dtPlugins for macOS but they are gone? dtPlugins are now free !
How to get it?

I could only find a link to the demo download page, as it seems the /free/ URI wasn’t archived…

So, the free edition has gone?

http://swiftpw.com is the home page with a new product for Xojo.
What is the politic about support ? Stop product support after some months (like dethomsoft) instead of support was bought for one year or more ?
Sorry for the direct question but use a plugin/product need guarantee.
Best regards

There’s a Forum. :slight_smile: So in case of trouble, you can always share knowledge with other Plugin Users: http://swiftpw.com/Forums/index.php

Not sure about sharing knowledge but I did find some great places to get insurance quotes!


I’ve just looked at the forum, it’s seems like being hacked !

no captcha for signup = spams !

Hi Jean-Paul,

I posted a problem I have with dtPDF. Could you check that?

Jean-Paul stopped developing the dtPlugins. Previously payed customers do get some support. The free version not.

I know, but I paid for the dtPlugins.