dtPlugins 1.2 Release (OSX)

Dethomsoft Software today released version 1.2 of the dtPlugins.

The dtPlugins a set a 25 native COCOA controls.

The lists:


He support also some classes for use native Drawer or PopOver on your programs.

The price is 24.99€ (without VAT)

All updates are free !

Download links and more information at


A screenshot of last control added:

A “must to have” !!!
So, pull out 24.99 € … we must encourage the development of this plugins !!! :-))

I agree, every Xojo OS X developer should have this.
This is about the best plugin set when you need real OS X native controls. Support is great too !

Trust me … 25€ is a steal for supporting this project.

I love these plugins, very worthwhile for the price.

is there a conflict between dtPlugin and MacOSLib?

If I have dtPlugins.rbx in the Plugins Folder I get an error message on a Project with MacOSLib , something like this - There are several elements with this name…
for all code with ‘if IsLion then’

if I remove the dtPlugin from the Plugins Folder, all is ok

I had the same problem. Just remane the code in the Carbon section in MacOSLib from IsLion to IsLionCarbon. Now it works both togehter.

I’m assuming that to implement some of these controls, you needed to muck with the view hierarchy.
This is unsupported and may break in the future.

Is there a demo version?

More work on the listbox would be great.

[quote=48101:@Norman Palardy]I’m assuming that to implement some of these controls, you needed to muck with the view hierarchy.
This is unsupported and may break in the future.[/quote]

Could you be more specific and tell us more details about this?

Really nice work. lots of functionalities easy to use…

There’s not much more to be specific about. Altering the view hierarchy is unsupported and can break things like mouse event coordinates or keyboard events (in some cases). The exact details of what may break is unimportant and could change because, again, it’s unsupported.

Anyone curios about what the view hierarchy is might read

Some of the plugins look impressive. However, I wrote to you (jean-paul deluder) several months ago with a question and never received a reply. I won’t use software that’s not supported.

You are joking right? Jean Paul is about the fastest to respond. He mostly fixes or add feature request in minutes.

BTW his name is Jean Paul de Vulder and not deluder. Hence he doesn’t respond.

Nope, not a joke. I wrote to him via the Contact page on his web site (sorry Jean Paul for mangling your surname) and never heard back. That’s why I’m posting to this thread – if it just got lost or the reply bounced or some other silly problem he can tell me and ask that I write again.

I suggest using support@dethomsoft.com

Jean-Paul, it would be cleaner if you do not expose global functions like this at all. It would be cleaner if you created a module, e.g “dtPlugin”, and place such functions in there, making them protected.

I’ll see that we do the same in macoslib.

I thought I’d report back that I’ve been in contact with the developer and he is making great efforts to get the FlowData control (the one I am particularly interested in) working well with pdfs. I like his attitude and the potential usefulness of the plugins enough that bought a license.

I thought I’d give these a go, particularly liked the Carousel control, but I’m getting it hanging Xojo 4.1 and 3.3 when run in debug mode or when compiled, pressing the stop button to halt it running has no effect and needs to be forced closed, has anyone else had this issue?

I also get the Splitter control hanging xojo when it’s added to a window at design time.

I’ve let jean-paul know of these issue, just wanted to know if there are others in case there’s something going on with my system.

The docs really need attention, a lot is missing!